Don't you want to experience the magic which is Harry Potter without stress? Reduce Stress at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Resort

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Reduce Stress at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Resort

The first time you read a Harry Potter novel did your thoughts take flight? What did you imagine when you closed your eyes and pictured Diagon Alley? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter's design replicates HP movie sets and JK Rowling's literal creation. When you enter Orlando’s magical theme park it feels like you’ve apparated into the film. But, park congestion and standing in long lines could ruin your visit and make you feel like a squib. Don't you want to experience the magic which is Harry Potter without stress? I’ll share tips that optimize your experience and Reduce Stress at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Resort.

Plan the Trip Ahead of Time

Located in Orlando, Florida, Universal Studios is a great park to visit by plane or car. If you plan on commuting; keep in mind distance, traffic, and tolls. Onsite hotels and Universal affiliates offer package deals that remove a lot of guesswork.

Two Parks

You will need two admission tickets because there are two magical locations. Islands of Adventure grants access to Hogsmeade and Universal Studios grants access to Diagon Alley. I'll repeat, make sure you’ve purchased admission passes for both parks before you visit. Long lines spent at the parks gates can become frustrating and uncomfortable. Who wants to watch everyone having fun from the guest services window?

Information is Golden

The Official Universal Orlando Resort App is free to download in the App Store or Google Play. It provides attraction wait times, height requirements, and delays or closures. Download the app before you enter the park to stay up to date. Take advantage of this information and be proactive about your day.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Old saying, but it is the truth. The Park opens at 9AM and its best to get there early. Universal’s Island of Adventure leads to Hogsmeade Village; take the path through Dr. Seuss Land. If you get lost and circle the area, head towards the bright colored Thneed Trees. If you're in Universal Studios Florida, follow the path that leads to the historic JAWS ride if you want to enter Diagon Alley. Also, The Minion Parade passes through Universal Studios Florida every morning. If you don’t want to get stuck within the madness, make sure to get past the Simpsons Attraction before 11AM.

Preference or Function

Diagon Alley is a favorite. The newer park has Escape to Gringott’s and many amazing stores. Yet, it has more places to relax and cool down. If you plan to visit during the high summer temperatures it's best to visit Hogsmeade first.

Minimal and Functional

We carry camera phones, backpacks, and purses; so, where will can we store Wands' from Ollivander’s or Pygmy Puffs from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes? My point exactly. The park's littered with storage lockers, they are free for three hours and uses your thumbprint to open and close the cages. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and supportive shoes. Crowded gift stores, long lines, and small spaces get hot quick. Yes, I know, we all want to wear our Hogwarts Robes whenever we get a chance to, but sometimes a t-shirt will suffice.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror nights starts during evening hours throughout September and October. If you plan on attending WWoHP during this time Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade are open late for guest to explore, but most rides are closed.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Resort is filled with potions, spells, and thrills for the entire family. The theme parks are open throughout the year. I suggest visiting late summer into fall when the weather is comfortable and the lines are short.

Don't procrastinate another year.The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is waiting for you!

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